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Insight Art Connection is a regional art consulting firm serving businesses, institutions, and homeowners. With over 30 artists represented, and the capacity to search for any artwork you can imagine, your choices are truly infinite! IAC represents artists from around the U.S, but the focus is on the northern Rio Grande region in Colorado’s San Luis Valley

While art is a luxury, it’s a luxury that is truly accessible to everyone. Whatever a person’s education, interests, or economic background, there is an unmatchable satisfaction and deepening of character that comes with developing relationships and owning original works of art. Your vision carries over to everyone around you.

IAC takes pride in giving thoughtful, insightful advice to people in any situation: from first-time art buyers to experienced collectors, small businesses on a budget to large public spaces with a strong commitment to their community. Whether you or your clients are shopping for an affordable gift to be treasured, or for a smart and meaningful financial investment – and everything in between – remember Insight Art Connection. Enrich your corner of the world.


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