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With degrees in sociology and communications, Katherine's college studies focused on the strong relationship between healthy communities and the arts. Even though she began studying literary arts, her sociological research kept leading her back to the accessibility of visual art. Her knowledge is concentrated on modern, post-modern, and contemporary art, from WWII forward.

In her work, Katherine focuses on connecting clients with the incredible benefits that result from supporting the arts. These include better atmosphere for HR, deeper roots and more loyalty in the community, and an environment that evokes care and confidence.

A relative newcomer to the field, Katherine has six years' experience integrating art into non-profit and for-profit organizations of all sizes. Her fresh perspectives, integrity, and commitment to creating long-term value for her clients set her apart in an industry jaded by tough competition and mysterious standards for quality.

Katherine designed IAC with turn-key services, allowing for the easiest access to all the benefits of art. In addition to Katherine's skills as a curator, her company provides early consulting and purchase counseling, customized art presentations, art acquisition, exhibition management, framing, installation, and even public relations services.

If you are a visionary business leader, and you enjoy experiencing new things, Katherine can create art programs to match your vision and exceed your expectations. Katherine is comfortable working independently and in collaboration with committees (especially when her clients enjoy a good laugh now and then).

To learn more, email today. Katherine@insightartconnection.com


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