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Insight Art Connection is currently accepting new artists.

Work with IAC at your comfort level:

  • Simply list a selected number of pieces: there is very little obligation, and your work is shown when buyers may be interested. Artists pay a 40% commission on all artwork listed with IAC.
  • Full promotion: IAC assertively markets your name and your style in a variety of venues designed to unite your art with interested buyers. At this level, you will be featured periodically on the website and in other publications well-suited to your individual career. In addition, you may receive information about opportunities in line with your personal career goals.
  • A professionally written essay about you and your work, submitted to national and international art journals
  • Solo exhibition and reception at a gallery space in the San Luis Valley
  • Researching and assisting with submissions for juried shows and grants
  • Hourly services are charged at $30/hour; your contract will specify an amount of time each month that works for you.

Each artist has the opportunity to develop a uniquely individual relationship with IAC – take some time to envision your life with some additional expert help, then call or email to set up an initial consultation. For a one-time fee of $100, IAC will review your portfolio, resume, and artist statement; offer suggestions and revisions; and meet with you to set clear goals to help you realize your dreams. There is no obligation with this portfolio assessment; after it is completed, you can simply walk away, or choose the level of involvement that works best for your situation.

Everyone possesses their own spark of creative expression. With IAC, the art is in the exchange – shining new light on your work, and bringing the world in for a closer look. Enrich your corner of the world.

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