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San Luis Valley Federal Bank: The client was looking for work that reflected their long-standing community values. IAC acquired both existing works and specially commissioned pieces for their new branch office.

Valley Wide Health Systems, Inc: A new family medical center with award-winning architectural design. IAC assembled a collection of works to evoke the natural beauty of the San Luis Valley.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Alamosa, CO: Developed art auction fundraiser with the potential for rotating exhibitions in the future. This project benefits a large community of artists and art patrons, as well as the church.

Numerous residences around the US: Some people enjoy the challenge of buying directly from artists they find. Others like choosing from a wide variety of artworks, and hearing personal stories about each one. IAC's clients have the luxury of a diverse collection from which to choose, with the added benefits of learning a little more about art -- and about themselves.

Individual clients at IAC get personal attention from the owner. Katherine creates a safe space where old fears and assumptions about art can be challenged and released. She strikes a balance between elitism and relativism -- demanding the best quality at every price level, while conveying openness for a range of aesthetic choices. Her clients become grounded in communicating their preferences in style, color, and media -- often coming away from the experience with a better understanding of technique and design.

Buying art is not only about decoration or beauty or getting the best "deal" -- the purpose of art is to enrich your life. The first ten hours of personal consultation are free. Email today to work with a company who can connect you with all the benefits of visual art -- Insight Art Connection.

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