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How do you enrich your corner of the world? Original works of art in your home or workplace result in a sense of connection to your community; your choices reveal something about your own creative flair. You know you've made an excellent selection when you see your own wisdom reflected in the art that surrounds you!

With that said, it's good to know that some styles and genres of art are more suited than others to various environments.

Extensive studies have shown that well-chosen art in a therapy setting contributes to better outcomes. Different departments require unique solutions: art in a pediatric setting should be very different than that in an oncology unit. In general, artwork should be cheerful, but allow for introspection. Abstract images with no obvious point of reference should be avoided. Nature-based works of art – especially warm landscapes with a wide, clear horizon – tend to be more soothing for people in traumatic situations.

Office spaces serve a much different purpose than healing environments. Where intellectual accomplishments are expected and celebrated, bold and abstract works of art may fit in perfectly. While some workspaces may choose to celebrate their community with familiar images, others will enjoy the consumer confidence that comes with smart and striking non-objective works of art.

Wayfinding is an important consideration for all but the smallest offices. Colors or subjects can be subtle but meaningful reminders of which hallway to take, or where the center of the action is. Various media – such as sculpture, oil paintings, photos, and watercolors – give a sense of diversity within a unified art collection.

When you're choosing artwork for a new space, it's vital to first think about your objectives for the space, and then create a policy or framework that will uphold your values through each decision. A good art consultant should be able to help with this process: look for someone who will listen to your needs, as well as communicate and apply their knowledge and experience. They should be able to offer a variety of choices tailored to your interests and budget, and they should have proven experience working both with committees and independently. Most of all, the best art consultant for you is someone you personally trust to carry out your vision.

Purchasing art is a long-term investment in your company and in your community. It deserves serious thought and effort. At the same time, our clients repeatedly remark that choosing the art collection was one of the most enjoyable processes in sometimes long and complicated projects. Find someone who will bring you excellent choices, then relax and enjoy the show!

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