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Corporate Collections
IAC offers experienced, effective project management for new and existing arts programs. Plans can be as simple as ongoing exhibits designed to furnish public areas with artwork, or as integrated as your space and concept require.

Cost of services can be captured within the total purchase price of artworks, or negotiated for exhibitions and art-lending arrangements. IAC works closely with clients to publicize their support of the arts -- whatever your decision, that commitment will be matched with promotional writing and events.

Visual and thematic cohesiveness deepen and enrich the experience for your staff and clientele. It’s an impression with the potential for rich returns – depend on IAC to approach your project with the sensitivity and competence to realize your vision.

Excellent public relations and high-quality artwork at any price range are standard with IAC. Contact Katherine Benke to set up a consultation.

Private Collections
Do you remember the first time you ever bought a work of art? If it was well-advised and truly integrated with your values, you probably remember feelings of empowerment and connection with the larger world.

There is power in deciding on a piece you truly believe in; not only are you making a stand for your personal preferences, but you are also making a difference in the life of an artist. When you open toward the light of another’s ideas and expressions, the possibilities for interaction and relationship are endless – you may even discover a new best friend!

IAC advocates for strong relationships with art. As you browse the galleries here, take note of questions and ideas you have about the artwork, the artists, and your own responses. Feel free to share your comments and questions – you can expect a response within a week of your communication. When you’re close to a decision about a work of art, contact IAC to schedule a viewing appointment or telephone consultation.

Contact Katherine Benke to discuss your specific situation.


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